Hello there.

My name is Rubens and I'm a freelance illustrator working for media companies, fashion industry & advertising agencies since 2005.

As I studied industrial design in university, my work is inspired by design principles of effective visual communication of an idea or concept throughout forms, organic shapes, proportions, color theory, etc.

I’ve been working in the last couple decades for many prestigious companies, including Adidas, Nike, Absolut Vodka, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Veuve Clicquot and my work can be found in galleries in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and more.


I was born in 1981 in São Paulo, Brazil and since then I have been obsessed with lines, colors, the smell of tint, challenges and communication. Art was the way I found to unite my passions and convey my feelings and thoughts more clearly and objectively.


I am also close to technology ever since. Digital art was something natural in my life as it always had at home little space for a bunch of canvas but the right space for a computer.


My first site with visual experiences was FluxusCentral created in 1998 while studying Industrial Design at the Mackenzie University of São Paulo.


In 1998 I started working initially for web companies, advertising industry, press and architecture offices doing designs, art direction and illustrations.


Since 2005, I have been doing illustrations for a large number of companies as freelance illustrator and showing my work in exhibitions worldwide.


I enjoy books, video games, small talk with friends, spirituality, travelling, surfing the web, listening to music, history, everything related to popular culture and walking by the nature.

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