ABSOLUT has been involved in arts & fashion for more than 30 years. When Andy Warhol first set eyes on an ABSOLUT VODKA bottle in 1985, he was inspired to put his brushes to work.

The following year, the torch was passed to Keith Haring and since then, over 500 ABSOLUT masterpieces have been created by artists from around the world.

Absolut Vodka2.jpg

ABSOLUT VODKA in 2007 commissioned 12 artists to create bottles that reflect the artist's view of Brazil.

I was mainly inspired by the northeast regional brazilian art as well modernist painters like Tarsila do Amaral, Di Cavalcanti, among others.

The creative process and concept lasted 2 months. Below you can see images of inspirations and sketches.

The project was launched in an event at Conjunto Nacional, an important site for art and culture in São Paulo.


other works

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